We produce and sell out own hay, our hay is made up into small round bales, which we find very easy to store. The hay is store in side our barn, and is produce without using any chemicals, but as we use the hay ourselves we make sure that there are no weeds.We can provide delivery subject to minimum quantities.

Please either contact us directly or order through the contact us page. We will endeavour to Fill your order, as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee that we will have the stock unless you contact us prior to ordering. 

Round bale

Hay Bales - £6.00 per bale, including delivery subject to location and minimum of 50 bales.

Meet The Team

Our Principles

  • 1 You will get a good Quality Porduct We will only sell something that we would use ourselves.
  • 2 Good Value We will always be competitively priced.From our experience of having to buy products, we have always wondered can it be acquired cheaper, we will always strive to answer that with a definitive - YES!
  • 3 Ethically Farmed We will always farm in ethical manner, and ensure that we do not harm our environment.

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