Join Our Waiting List


We are currently operating a waiting list - due to high demand

We are currently operating a waiting list for the following chicken breeds:

Buff Orpingtons

Cream Leg Bars

Cuckoo Marans

If you would like to join please email us, at, please let us know the bread, and number you would like and we will get back asap, with come approximate timelines. Our waiting lists work on a honours system and we require no financial commitment. When you join the waiting list we will keep you updated of our progress, and send you pictures of the chicks growing up, and keep you informed of all their vaccinations, to ensure they are healthy chickens...

Our Principles

  • 1 You will get a good Quality Porduct We will only sell something that we would use ourselves.
  • 2 Good Value We will always be competitively priced.From our experience of having to buy products, we have always wondered can it be acquired cheaper, we will always strive to answer that with a definitive - YES!
  • 3 Ethically Farmed We will always farm in ethical manner, and ensure that we do not harm our environment.