Pedigree and Hybrid Chickens for Sale, as well as fertilised eggs

Chickens and Fertile Eggs


Soon after moving to Combwell Priory, we adopted a stray chicken, and quite quickly our brood expanded. We  have a good  flock (a mixture of Lohmann's and pedigrees) and a Cockerel, since we had the cockerel (Lohmann), we thought why not breed more, and also see if we could breed a good looking effective layering chicken.

We are currently building our flocks up, and are operating waiting lists for certain birds, please contact us if you would like to know about our stock levels, or join our waiting lists please send an email to

We can produce the following breeds and fertile eggs, in hybrid or pedigree form please click the link below to find out more.

Starter Packs

We also offer the complete starter pack everything you will need to start to have your own chickens, for more information please click below:

Starter Packs

Meet Our Chickens

Our Principles

  • 1 You will get a good Quality Porduct We will only sell something that we would use ourselves.
  • 2 Good Value We will always be competitively priced.From our experience of having to buy products, we have always wondered can it be acquired cheaper, we will always strive to answer that with a definitive - YES!
  • 3 Ethically Farmed We will always farm in ethical manner, and ensure that we do not harm our environment.