About Combwell Priory Farming

About Combwell Priory Farming, Family run business. Chickens, Fertilised Eggs, Mulch and Wood chip for sale


Combwell Priory Farming is a relatively simple business, in that we look to sell on the the rich produce of the land that Combwell Priory produces. At the moment our products are the following:

We are also planning on growing Lavender next year, if you are interested in any of products, please click on the corresponding link for more information.

Our Partners

Whilst our time at Combwell Priory has been relatively short thus far, we have certainly learnt a lot in a small space in time about how to run a small holding and the issues that crop up along the way, part of our learning curve has been from jumping in at the deep end, but we have also learnt a lot from our partners who have assisted us in providing machinery and goods. Please find links to the sites of those who have helped us out a long the way, and hold similar values to ourselves, in terms of customer service and product.

  • Cowling Agriculture - Sid has provided us with a Tractor, and the machinery for hay making, he as always looked after us and provided great support.
  • MDL Power Up - Chris has provided us with our UTV, which has been critical in terms of getting around the estate. He has a great team of guys, who have help us, and continue to service our UTV, although they are based up in Carlisle...


Our Principles

When setting up a business we strongly believe that a good business needs to have core principles that it needs to adhere, therefore we created the following principles.

  • 1 You will get a good Quality Porduct We will only sell something that we would use ourselves.
  • 2 Good Value We will always be competitively priced.From our experience of having to buy products, we have always wondered can it be acquired cheaper, we will always strive to answer that with a definitive - YES!
  • 3 Ethically Farmed We will always farm in ethical manner, and ensure that we do not harm our environment.

our team

  • Matthew Coupe

    Matthew is the co-owner of Combwell Priory, and is married to Camille.

  • Camille Coupe

    Camille Coupe is co-owner of Combwell Priory, and married to Matthew Coupe.

  • Tom

    Tom's our Farm Hand, who does a large amount of the hard work, Matthew helps…

  • Colin Slow

    Colin Slow, is Father of Camille, and vital to the smooth running of the Farm.…