About Combwell Priory, Family run estate, Flimwell, Wadhurst, East sussex, Kent, TN


Who we are


Combwell Priory is owned by Matthew & Camille Coupe, and moved into the estate in 2014. The priory and the cottage is lived in by the Family, Camille, Matthew, Barnaby (their son), Cathy (Camille's Mum), Colin (Camille's Dad), Daisy the dog, Charlie & Lola (the cats), Caoimhe & Mars (the horses).

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  • How quickly do you ship products
    • If we have them in stock we will endeavour to ship the products next day.
  • Is everything held in stock
    • We cannot guarantee this due to the nature of the business, and our limited amount of production capacity. If you email us on the contact us page. We will get back to you very quickly with an answer.
  • How hard is it to look after chickens?
    • Please see our page that we have set up that details nearly all the information you will need.


Our Principles

We strongly stand by our principles and believe in what we say. Also stand behind our clients to assist and advise.
  • 1 You will get a good Quality Porduct We will only sell something that we would use ourselves.
  • 2 Good Value We will always be competitively priced.From our experience of having to buy products, we have always wondered can it be acquired cheaper, we will always strive to answer that with a definitive - YES!
  • 3 Ethically Farmed We will always farm in ethical manner, and ensure that we do not harm our environment.

our team

  • Matthew Coupe

    Matthew is the co-owner of Combwell Priory, and is married to Camille.

  • Camille Coupe

    Camille Coupe is co-owner of Combwell Priory, and married to Matthew Coupe.

  • Tom

    Tom's our Farm Hand, who does a large amount of the hard work, Matthew helps…

  • Colin Slow

    Colin Slow, is Father of Camille, and vital to the smooth running of the Farm.…