Traditional Non-Intensive Practices

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Mulch for Sale
Wood Chip for Sale
We will be growing Lavender next year
Chickens & Fertile Eggs For Sale


Combwell Priory Famring. Hay, Mulch, Wood chip, Chickens & Fertile Eggs For Sale

Hay, Mulch, Wood Chip, Pedigree and Hybrid Chickens

Combwell Priory Farming is a family run business, that has been setup to sell the produce that we create in running the estate of Combwell Priory; Hay for livestock, Wood Chip for garden paths beds, Mulch for soil enrichment and weed protection.

We also specialise in Rare Breed chickens, and breed and sell the chickens and fertile eggs of the following breeds: Buff Orpingtons, Ayam Cemani, Ixworth, Lohman, Sussex, Hamburg, Cream Leg Bar and Hybrids.

We are located close to the East Sussex Kent boarder, in between Flimwell, Wadhurst, Lamberhurst and Goudhurst, just off the A21.

Please call to arrange an appointment if you would like to come and visit.

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Leveraging Environmentally Friendly Techniques

We always use sustainable methods in our farming approach in whatever we produce, very few (if any) chemicals fertilisers or pesticides.

Family Business

Family values
We are a Family run business meet The Team..


Historic Estate
It was founded as an abbey by Robert de Turneham in the reign of Henry II but in 1220 it was struggling financially and downgraded to a priory. It was suppressed in the Dissolution of the Monasteries and on 20 November 1537 was granted to Thomas Culpeper.


imgWe sell Hay, which we have grown ourselves, not using any chemicals to the extent we hand pull the weeds from the field....
imgWe breed our own Hens, which are hybrids (Lohmann) and also pedigree breads.
imgCreated f created from the natural ditritus on the estate we sell the Mulch that is create, the beading used for the livestock is Wood-pellet, which creates a high quality, manure aka Black Gold.
imgCreated fwe are going to start growing Lavender from next year, and sell bulk lavender bunches and also create our own essential oil.